Does It Really Work As An Ab Toner?

abdominal tonerThe Flex Belt, which is usually termed an “ab toning belt,” is actually an Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) gadget. And, just to clarify an important point, all EMS products in the United States are regulated and will have to be cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). By the way, the Flex Belt, which is the “advanced” version of the Slendertone Belt (same manufacturer), has been cleared by the FDA for toning, strengthening and firming abdominal muscles.

The Flex Belt is produced by an EMS gadget company in Galway, Ireland which has forty many years of experience in this technology. And, The Flex Belt is certainly cleared in the United States for use as an in excess of-the-counter (OTC) ab toning belt.

But what is Electrical Muscle Stimulation, or EMS? Simply put, EMS is the triggering of a muscle contraction through the use of electrical impulses.

In the situation of The Flex Belt ab toning belt, the electrical impulses are delivered to the stomach location through “gel pads” that are positioned up coming to the skin. These gel pads are not arbitrarily positioned by the user rather, their placement in the belt is fixed by the producer.

EMS is not a gimmick in the least. As far back as 1791, an Italian health care provider and physicist by the name of Luigi Galvani carried out experiments on frog legs; wherein he utilized an electrical current to the frog leg muscle, and the muscle moved. Just visualize the pleasure of seeing a little something like that transpire!

Rapidly forward to the 20th century, and the understanding and use of this technology in medicine, sports, and now daily use as The Flex Belt or other related ab toning belts.

In the healthcare and sports discipline, EMS is used to help strengthen muscles. For men and women who have suffered critical injuries and are not able to move or use a limb, or whose muscles have atrophied, for illustration, applying EMS in a therapeutic setting (i.e. hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and so forth.) can force the muscles in that limb to move in purchase to help strengthen them.

In sports, EMS can be applied to muscle parts that need to strengthen. It is explained that Olympic athletes have been working with EMS technology since the early 1970’s, while some research with athletes in Russia were recorded in the 1960’s.

And, in daily households today, men and women use ab toner belts to force the contraction of stomach muscles to strengthen and tone them as very well.

It is important to note that outside the therapeutic setting, any EMS gadget of this kind, including The Flex Belt, can only be offered and used for just that: toning.

For persons who are injured, this type of gadget will not replace a healthcare grade EMS device. Health-related EMS products or remedies are obtainable only by prescription.

It is equally important to note that in no way do the makers of the Flex Belt make any “fat reduction” or “excess fat reduction” claims at all. They declare, and rightfully so, that their ab toning belt is to be used to help people tone their stomach muscles.

Regrettably, for people who are still looking for that “magic fat reduction bullet,” fat reduction and excess fat reduction is still, and normally has been, up to the person to make wise eating decisions and to burn up calories through an exercise plan.

So go ahead and use an ab toning belt to strengthen your muscles along the way, but do not fail to remember your fresh fruits, veggies, and exercise!

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