Replacement Gel Pads

A lot of people wonder if they can replace their gel pads. When you bought the Flex Belt, you received a package with the following things:

What exactly is a Gel Pad?

They can be reusable (for at least 30 sessions), and they’re quality it’s medical-level(if you’re buying the original from America of course). The bundle includes one square pad for the center of the belt, three gel pads and two oval shaped pads for the sides and it should survive for at least 30 sessions. When you opened the Flex Belt package, you likely detected that they’re made from a very soft and flexible vinyl. The present cost for them is about $15 at Amazon.


When the belt it’s on, the pads must be in direct contact with your skin, sending electrical signals to the muscles in the abdomen. Thus do them attempt in another area of your body the pads are only able to be put on the stomach. Try not to put the pads on any scar, inflamed or infected skin section and don’t place them on metal implants.

Be sure to pause the program, if you have to reposition them and unfasten the belt and fasten it from behind after repositioning them.